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What do you have that is gluten-free (GF)?
Everything we serve - except the Veggie Egg Rolls (skin) and the baguette in the Banh Mi sandwich - is gluten-free. The egg rolls USED to be GF, but have not been as of 4/15/18.


Do you have vegetarian offerings?

Yes, in the form of tofu. Please enjoy our "Tofu Over Rice" or "Pad Thai Tofu". Or the all-veggie egg rolls.

Do you cater or do special events?

We do, please click HERE. Our favorite is working the Formula One race in October! For private catering, you can also get in touch via the Contact Us page. 

Can you deliver lunch to our office building regularly?

Yes, absolutely! Please get in touch with Bill.

How do you get your chicken so tender?

:) :) :) 

How do you get your egg rolls so crisp?
See above...


Have a question? Please enter it on the form on the "Contact Us" page. If we get enough of the same question, we'll put it here.

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