Blue Basil has been proudly serving the Austin area since 2012. Originally founded by Mr. Triet Hyuyn, whose Asian Fusion blend became an instant Austin hit from his central location at 6th street and Trinity. When rising rents spoiled the party on Trinity, Triet made the difficult decision in 2015 to sell his beloved truck, but found two eager and willing buyers in the truck's current cook at that time, Ms Pranom Chudmaroeng, and her husband William Main. 


The food made only a modest shift from its Asian Fusion roots with a Vietnamese twist to a more Thai-centric blend. Blue Basil retains the popular Banh Mi sandwich, Triet's perfect marinade process, and some of his very popular sauces. Add to this Pranom's special Pad Thai offerings, her signature Thai Chicken Curry dish, and the crispy-thin Egg Rolls and Thai Teas, and it's been a winning combination!


Pranom and Bill spent 20 years on the tropical Thai island of Phuket where Pranom's culinary talents were enjoyed by patrons of our local restaurant, as well as by family and friends. We came to beautiful Austin in 2011 with our three  sons - Jackson, Jordan, and Kevin - and settled in northwest where, as of early 2018, the two oldest go to University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and one of them still attends Westwood High School. Our goal is to put them through college and still have enough left to feed ourselves.




Blue Basil
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