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"Probably my favorite food truck ever. Their tofu is amazing and their egg rolls are to die for.
They come weekly to work and every week we flock to them. Its a must have.​"
- Brittany K. (Yelp!) - 


"I grabbed a quick lunch from this truck while I was at work today. OMG IM DYING. IT IS SO GOOD.
I got the chicken over rice with an egg. Chicken is cooked perfectly and the sauces they put on top of the dish.
Yeah.. actual heaven. A must try!"


“I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Tofu Pad Thai. It was made quickly and the moment I started munching I realized it had been made with LOVE. There were more than two different kinds of sauces on top that just blew my mouth with spices and delishiousness until it was gone. It was the kind of food that makes you lick the container.”

- Ev S. (Yelp) -

"They swing by my office complex every few weeks. I've had the chicken and rice with fried egg twice now. Both times the chicken was absolutely delicious and the flavor was great. The sous vide the chicken to keep it moist and it is so good. 
Definitely recommend hitting this up when you are nearby."

“I' work at Oracle and I first tried Blue Basil outside of my office building on Mopac and 183. I had the chicken curry and oh man was it delicious...intricately flavored with Thai basil. So good. Another absolute favorite is the chicken served with and egg on top. it is spiced beautifully and served with rice. The egg rolls aren't bad either! Wish I could get it more often.”

- B. H., Stonebridge Plaza, 9606 N. Mopac (at 183) -


"I have been very pleased with your customer service and your food. The chicken over rice is amazing along with its fire sauce. Top it off with a side of egg rolls and that sweet sauce and it's the perfect lunch! I really hope you continue to do business at The Park [8300 N. Mopac] in the near future.”

- Timothy Ramirez, The Park -

“Love their entire menu. I've tried their chicken over rice. Twice now. Just phenomenal taste profile and perfect tenderness to  the meat. Not sure how they do it. And the flavor of the rice and cabbage. Wow. Just delectable. Keep it up guys!

- Neeraj C., Austin, Texas (Yelp) -


“Pretty much one of the most amazing meals I've ever had. The chicken was perfect over the sticky rice. The sauces on the rice was sweet but not overwhelming. The fried egg was a wonderful topping. Good price and good service. Blue Basil makes me sad that I don't live in Austin. Why, God, why can't they offer this everywhere!?!?!?!”

- Brandy R. (Yelp) -

Negative Reviews

This is pretty much the smallest visible text I could find. :) There are two on Yelp! that are disappointing - both one star reviews. One is from a gentleman who waited over 25 minutes for his food just after the New Year. I would be extremely angry, too, if I were him. That amount of time to wait for food at work is unacceptable. Please know that over 95% of the time, serving time is LESS THAN THREE MINUTES. I explained that we had put a relatively new team at his destination that day while my wife and I took a couple days off for the holiday - first in five years, and to be with our college kids - and then they got slammed. More people that day came to the truck at that destination (almost 100), than before or since! We have learned from the incident. I went on to explain that the team on that day has now retrained and is first-rate in performance and service.  The other review is from a long-time patron - whom we miss! - that was obviously disappointed one day at (again) our second truck in its earlier days. She is wonderful and I have sent her a private message of apology for her experience.  Having mentioned these two incidences, please know that we would not be able to serve at major clients such as Samsung, Google, Visa, VM Ware, etc. and the property management groups that we do, without a well-earned history of superior quality and professionalism.

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