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Asian Fusion Commissary & Food Truck of Austin, Texas

Pranom (Thai): 512-934-2568 / Bill (English): 512-949-1442

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By Pranom Chudmaroeng & William P Main



Paused Temporarily - We will post here when

we are operating through DD again, thank you!
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So...if you would like to order for your group, please know that
Blue Basil Austin often has menu items available for catering that
are not served from the food truck, including sauteed spinach
with garlic and lemon, Tom Kha Pak (coconut cream vegetable
soup) and mango with sticky rice. This is subject to change, of course, so calling us directly is often the best way to know what extras we have and when - the base menu remains the same, though.


Please check out our catering partners below for complete menus and information. EZCater operates more as a fulfillment and marketing partner. As such, they charge OUR price directly to you (e.g., the lowest), and it is us that deliver directly to you with our own driver. Currently, this model is most economical for you and for us.


Also, please know that, in general, FOOD.EE bumps up the prices marginally and maintains a low delivery fee while GrubHub tacks on their fees a bit later in the process. Both these are excellent service providers with similar mark-ups, at the end of the day.


Of course, you can also order from us directly - please contact Bill at <>. Thank you!


Blue Basil on "EZCater" (waiting for their site to be updated)

Blue Basil on "FOOD.EE" (business suspended until April 7th)

Blue Basil on "GrubHub For Work"


We have food trucks available to serve your property

during lunch. If you would like to find out available dates,

please contact Blue Basil has been
faithfully serving the Austin business community for over

five years with superior Thai/Asian food, and consistent, first-rate

service and reliability. Able to vouch for our reliability and professionalism,

Blue Basil currently works with the following property management groups here in Austin:


+ Brandywine Realty Trust

+ Endeavor Real Estate

+ HPI Real Estate

+ The Kucera Companies

+ Stream Realty Partners
+ Transwestern

Get some exquisite food cooked right at your door. Go BLUE BASIL today!